What to Put On Top of Refrigerator for Decoration

thumbnail What to Put On Top of Refrigerator for Decoration


You got a new house, or you simply want to redecorate the one you already have. Or better yet, you’ve seen that awkward space on top of your fridge and want to know what you can do about it. We’ve seen that space and got to thinking. In this article, we’ve thought about what to put on top of your refrigerator for decoration.

Some of us want to give that space a purpose, while some of us want that space to look pretty. We have solutions for every mindset. Some of these solutions also include a mix of both. Our list of what to put on top of your refrigerator for decoration is detailed. Feel free to help yourselves out, folks!

Practical and Pretty

If you have a small kitchen and want to use every available space for your ever-growing kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. We can offer you some simple but excellent ideas if you want something practical. These ideas will make your kitchen look elegant, and you will have a more organized space—two birds with one stone. Let’s get to it, then!


First things first, putting heavy things on top of your refrigerator isn’t advised. So we should all keep the weight light when we decorate the top of our refrigerators. Our number one on the list is cabinets. We thought that we could start with something simple. You can also decorate those cabinets. Imagine how cute your kitchen will look with those extra decorations hanging off. 

Putting an extra cabinet on top of your fridge will save you space and can make your kitchen look more aligned with the rest of the theme. You can put whatever you want in them. You have some kitchen appliances to store or some items that you don’t want people to access easily. You can make use of this space in this way.


Shelves are a great alternative to cabinets. It is also easier to hang new shelves on top of your fridge than implement new cabinets. This extra space will accommodate all of your storage needs and look pretty while doing it. We can promise it will not look out of place or ugly. 

We can agree that it is better than just stuffing your kitchen items somewhere or leaving them in boxes. It is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye rather than being an eyesore.

Choosing something that goes along with your kitchen’s theme is necessary to achieve a coherent kitchen outlook. However, choosing the desired item according to its weight and size is more important. We wouldn’t want the shelves to burden your fridge. We only want to utilize the extra space it can give us. 

You can put all sorts of items here. You can make it look fantastic. Since it’s an open space, you can put some things you want to be displayed, such as serving dishes and some glassware with antique air. You can put baking molds, and it will give your kitchen a warm feeling. Nothing better than newly baked cake smells that will surely embrace your kitchen.

Wine Bottles

Refrigerator Decoration, red retro fridge

If you want to display your collection of wine bottles or you never actually found a place for them, here’s a solution for you. It is perhaps a little risky to have wine bottles on the top of your fridge, which will require more effort. However, we guarantee that it will look spectacular once it’s done.

A wine collection can require its spot in your cupboard or on your shelves due to how much room it takes up. If you place that collection on top of your refrigerator, you can free up some space.

You can hang a compact organizer in the shape of an x to fit more wine bottles. To be more specific, these x-shaped storage systems’ names are triangular storage systems. It will complete your kitchen, and a sense of sophistication will surround it. 

Books – A Small Culinary Library

Yes, you’ve read that right. You can put your books, specifically your cookbooks and recipe collections. However, we advise you not to put any of the suggested items directly on top of your fridge if you think they are heavy enough to do some damage. Putting your cookbooks and recipes in already crowded spaces in your kitchen can look disorganized and jammed. 

In most cases, there is enough room for a cooking library between the fridge and the ceiling. By putting your books related to kitchen work on top of your fridge, you can achieve an elegant look while saving space. Plus, it will be easy to find what you are looking for if you line them up in order. 


You can put real or artificial plants for decoration purposes. A flower pot that goes along with the color of your kitchen can be a nice touch. If you use real plants, be careful how you handle them since we wouldn’t want to spill anything on top of the fridge. It will not only look cozy and heart-warming but also will help your kitchen in the smell department.   

Some Kitchen Items

You can also put some kitchen items on top of your fridge. Those can be good-looking pots, baskets, cake stands, and antique-looking kitchen items. In this way, you won’t need extra effort. Just put them there, and there you have it. It will save you space and look good while it’s at it. 

Small Decorative Items

You can decorate the free space however you want. You can put up some artwork like a painting or a vase. You can put up inspirational quotes or a fun one along with a 3D word decoration such as “kitchen” or “home.” 

You can put small-sized art items such as the Eiffel Tower or the Pisa tower. You can put funny signs that will cheer you up. You can make a small-sized library corner or make a tea party by putting in small decorative teapots and teacups. Or you can be a bit of a minimalist by adding fewer items. 


As we have seen, there are many ways to decorate the top of a refrigerator. You can use the free space more functionally by putting extra kitchen appliances on top. You can add shelves and cabinets to free up space. You can be resourceful while decorating by putting up some of your cookbooks.

You can put a decorative teapot and make a small tea time corner for fun. You can put flowers and some signs that read “Kitchen” etc. However you want to design it, you can ensure that it will free up space from other corners of your house and make your kitchen look complete. 

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